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ES BIO Complete Synergy drink is purely natural synergy nutrition drink not just for sportsmen, bodybuilders or vegans. It is an ideal supplement for everybody who wants to maintain optimum weight, build or maintain muscle and generally keep fit. It includes 34 exclusively natural and valuable ingredients. This way the included agents work together in a natural synergistic effect. Basic agent is grey rice including up to 80% of proteins and flaxseed with content of up to 20% of high quality, easy to digest proteins.

Daily dose of synergy drink provides you with high quality antioxidants supplementation such as vitamin C, zinc or manganese contributing to cell protection against oxidative stress and boosting our immune system. Zinc also promotes a normal saccharide metabolism, fertility, reproduction and contributes to maintain normal level of testosterone in the blood, too. Synergy drink has alkaline forming tendency helping to reduce increased acidity of our organism. Content of iron contributes to the normal production of red blood cells and hemoglobin. Iodine contributes to the normal function of thyroid gland and nervous system.

34 purely natural ingredients of BIO quality in a 35 g dose
Rise Protein 14.4 g — Flaxseed 13.1 g — Dark Buckwheat 0.7 g — Maitake 0.4 g — Young Wheat Leaves 0.4 g — Maca 0.4 g — Sprout Quinoa 0.4 g — Alfalfa Grass Juice 0.4 g — Pumpkin 0.4 g — Young Barley Leaves 0.4 g — Rhodiola Root 0.2 g — Sprout Red Clover 0.2 g — Chlorella 0.2 g — Spirulina 0.2 g — Eleuthero Root 0.2 g — Sprout Sunflower Seeds 0.2 g — Acerola Extract 0.1 g — Apple Extract 0.1 g — Sprout Flaxseed 0.1 g — Kelp Seaweed 0.1 g — Millet Sprouts 0.1 g — Sprout Chickpeas 0.1 g — Sprout Lentils 0.1 g — Sprout Amaranth 0.1 g — Shiitake 0.1 g — Cordyceps 0.1 g — Cabbage 0.1 g — Parsley 0.1 g — Kale 0.1 g — Broccoli 0.1 g — Dandelion Greens 0.1 g — Sprout Broccoli 0.1 g — Dulse Seaweed 0.1 g — Vanilla Flavor 1.1 g 


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WARNING: Food supplement, not intended as a substitute for a healthy diet. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Not intended for children. Pregnant and lactating women use of the product must consult with their doctor. Keep out of reach of children.

Method of use: 
Add the dose into 300 ml of still water, fresh juice or other preferred drink and stir well preferably in shaker or blender. Dosing and handling should be in a dry environment including a dry dosage cup.
34 purely natural ingredients in BIO quality
1 x daily level dosage cup (approx. 35 g, included in the package), can be divided in two doses
Country of origin: 
Nutritional data: 
per 100 gin one serving (35g) % RI
Energy value1,913 kJ / 457 kcal670 kJ / 160 kcal
Fat19,6 g6,8 g
-saturated fatty acids2 g1 g
-monounsaturated fatty acids4 g2 g
-polyunsaturated fatty acids13 g5 g
Sacharides28,3 g9.9 g
including:Sugars4 g2 g
Fiber19,6 g6,8 g
Proteins43,5 g15 g
Salt0,1 g0,04 g
Vitamin A195.7 μg68.5 μg (8.6 %)
Vitamin C78.3 mg27.4 mg (34.3 %)
Calcium326.1 mg114.1 mg (14.3 %)
Magnesium273.9 mg2.8 mg (140 %)
Iron10.9 mg3.8 mg (27.25 %)
Phosphorus456.5 mg159.7 mg (22.8 %)
Zinc4.8 mg1.7 mg (16.7 %)
Potassium565.2 mg197.8 mg (9.9 %)
Manganese8 mg2.8 mg (140 %)
Copper8 mg0.2 mg (17 %)
Chromium108 μg 37.5 μg (94.5 %)
Iodine100 μg35 μg (23 %)
* RI - daily reference intake
EU bio certificate
CZ organic certificate

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